Saturday, 11 May 2013

The Octopus Tree

Today we started at Haydns pool and we where near a gap between two tree's. There was a old grumpy factory but the good thing was it was surounded by nature and the nature should cheer it up.The factory must be making a lot of pollution. I wonder what's on the river at the bottom.   

Some of the islands at Haydns Pool look like whales, but not this one. A oyster catcher is my dads favarite bird and they are one of my favarite birds to. 


The oyster catcher had enuff and went away. I saw a black headed gull and then a canada goose came. There where two of them and the four of these came out of the reeds.

I wonder why these flowers are called cow slips, I think there called cow slips because cows might step on them and make them slip. 

On this one I tried to fit in trees in the back ground and get the pipes in with it. Also next to it there was a pipe spilt in half. As well I would like to turn this wheel, it might be like a racing car. You never know it might take you somewhere like to the river.

I practised my super macro, I took this photo because the back ground was blurred and you can see the dots in the flowers.

Who can spot the face in the octopus tree?

At this time I am sure that Findlay was looking at a Gargeney.

When we where walking along this little feller caught my eye. When I saw this photo I was shocked because it looks like its got tooth brushes on the end of the fluff ball.

I enjoyed my trip to Haydns pool and these steps end my trip and start my journey back home.


  1. Harley, a great post once again.
    You are a natural at this blogging lark.
    And great pictures too.

  2. Excellent post Harley. You've captured some great images here, you definitely have an eye for a good photo!

    The last shot with the converging lines was well 'seen'.

    Yeh, I saw the face in that fantastic 'Octopus' tree.

    Cowslips got their name because years ago, before farmers used chemicals to improve the quality of the grass, they grew in cow meadows alongside the cow pats, and as you probably know cow pats, if you step in them, are rather SLIPPERY!...[;o)

  3. These photos, and your photos on your brother's blog, are excellent, Harley, and it's a very interesting post too! You really have an eye for the unusual, and capture it superbly. That last image, of the steps, is outstanding, and the one of the valves on the pipes too, but they're all great!

  4. The actual "nature" shots are fantastic Harley but I really like how you've shown how industry and nature compete for the same space and convey it so well....the octupus tree had me giggling too, well done and keep the posts coming.