Saturday, 19 October 2013

Green & Brown

The other day a went to photograph some leaves for my blog. The reason was that it had rained when I was at school doing work. I had a big chance to get some strange wet photos after school. When some of you went to Findlays party you might remember this shrub if not you don't need to worry because I have took a photo of this shrub. 

It is really easy to tell you what I like about this photo, but any way I will tell you. I absolutely love this photo because you can see the bright red stork and then it joins with the slim leaf. If you notice it looks like part of the leaf has been cut with the rain drops. As I said earllyer if you saw this shrub it has got miles bigger since the party walk. 

If I was a famous photographer do you think people would like it or not, because I have not a clue and I am not a good judge so do you think you could help me there.   

I bet you are thinking what I am going to put for this next photo. Because the evil clouds rained, this leaf may look nice and dry but actually it is nice and wet. There are many types of leafs in the UK. The leaf looks like it is camouflaged on the ground.

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Walking Near Home - Pylons, Windows and Reflections

You might think this looks familiar in this photo but you might also think it looks weird, it is part of a pylon.  

As I walked along a bit further I found a arch way of two trees. I called it a arch way because there is cohesion with the trees. We learnt the word cohesion in literacy.

I took this photo because the bird looks like a shadow on the water even though it's the real bird.

In this photo a boat came past and it made the water ripple so I quickly got my camera and got a snap.