Sunday, 26 May 2013

Butterfly Photo Competition

Me and mum went to Frodsham Marsh and we met Bill. We had a chat saying what have you seen. There was a big bush called budlia with lots of butterflies on, so we had a competition to see who could get the best photo. Its getting exciting. So could you please vote for your favourite picture and say why you like that one best.

                                                        Number 1 - Mum's Picture

Number 2 - Bills picture

Number 3 - My Picture

I wanted to get the blue sky, white flowers and the butterfly into my picture.

Friday, 24 May 2013

Pets in the Park & a Chiiiiccccckkks

 We did throw some bird food out for the ducks and some came to say hello. This cheeky mallard came to eat the food. It was funny because it ate very quickly and it was like it was chomping, but it was not. They where going mad , they where running all over the place and making a noise like CKWAK, CWAK. Suddenly a load more came and then it was a racket. I like this photo because you can see the head paten and it's bright yellow beak. I never thought it would come out like this because look at the beak and then look at the water. In the water you my not know what it is........its  BUBBLES, the stripes in the water. 

You may think this is a normal tree, but it is the reflection which is interesting, because you can see all the clouds and the tree of cause, but the tree is all wobbly.

When we where looking at the ducks, a great crested grebe came from far away. I did get a photo of cause. I just like the water how its moving along and on the bird the orangey red. I think there's a little tuft on its head and if its got like a tuft I call it a bird hair stile and this one has got cool spikes. Also you can see a white throat and the water is fuzzy and on the fuzzy water can you see the green and that's reflection.


I was walking along and I said these steps are going on my blog, but the bad thing was the sun was all over the place so I got into the position and I got a photo of the stairs. I got one which had stairs at the bottom and at the top but the light was bad. This one was okay though.

I asked the pet person if I could get a photo of the tortoise and I did it on super macro.

who can guess what these chicks are?

The answer is Great Tits.

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Swooping Swallows

The electric wire looks very thick. It must be because when birds land on it,  it doesn't kill them. If you look at the heads of the swallows they are bright blue. I am so glad that I've got a swallow picture because I've never got a good swallow photo before. Only once I've got a swallow before but it was blurred and all the others were just blue or green. 

I like this photo because of the blue head and the white and black wings, and the wire twisted over and the pale blue sky. When I saw them on the wire I ran to get my camera and I came back and they there still sitting there, so I took my lens cap off and turned my camera on and I zoomed in and "whala" I've got them. I thought its a good photo,but then I noticed that one had flue up and then landed again on the wire.   

Same with this picture I just can not help taking pictures of the. Its just the white on its chest, to be far they are really nice birds. They were sitting on there because they lost there enijy or they were going to go back in to their nest. 

I wondered why swallows love cows so much. It's because of the bugs and insects. If you have a look if the very,very smelly barn you can see swallows nests, and I tell you this now, you dont want to step in that mud, its not very nice also you would not like to fall in to it because cow pats are a bit SLIPPY!. We did look at some of nests with a trained expert. One of the swallows nests had 4 eggs and a blue tits had 9 eggs. They were the size of a chocolate mini egg but the dangers are NOT TO EAT THEM!!!!!!!!!.

This is one of the barns that the swallows like to nest in.

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Slippery Snails

As we where driving along we heard a bird so we asked the expert Findlay and he said it was a sedge warbler. I thought the pictures where going to be blurred because it was quite far away. I think its a good photo because its got a line of white below its dark eye also its got a bit of a sharp beak. I wanted to get a aphoto of this bird but how I did it I slowly opened my door and I did not want to shut the door loud because it wood make a bit of a bang and it wood make it fly away.

  The same with this one all the details of the bird and if you look at the beak, it's open and it means its singing.

I looked in the field and was scanning for nature and I thought this was a bird, but it was a plastic bag, so I called it a bag bird. I wonder how half of the field has grass on and the other side is ploughed, I think there's a fence between the two fields.

We were just getting out of the car and I did not really want to because it was raining, but then I had to get out because I saw a helecopter and it was very low. 

I tried to get a photo of a slippery snail but I could not because I got stung by a nettle, so my dad had to take it. I'm sure it came out when it was raining I think it was trying to be a hot-air-balloon. There was not a point going up because at the top of the photo the stick ended.

As I got closer to this blackbird I saw the bright yellow circle round his eye which matched his beak.

Saturday, 11 May 2013

The Octopus Tree

Today we started at Haydns pool and we where near a gap between two tree's. There was a old grumpy factory but the good thing was it was surounded by nature and the nature should cheer it up.The factory must be making a lot of pollution. I wonder what's on the river at the bottom.   

Some of the islands at Haydns Pool look like whales, but not this one. A oyster catcher is my dads favarite bird and they are one of my favarite birds to. 


The oyster catcher had enuff and went away. I saw a black headed gull and then a canada goose came. There where two of them and the four of these came out of the reeds.

I wonder why these flowers are called cow slips, I think there called cow slips because cows might step on them and make them slip. 

On this one I tried to fit in trees in the back ground and get the pipes in with it. Also next to it there was a pipe spilt in half. As well I would like to turn this wheel, it might be like a racing car. You never know it might take you somewhere like to the river.

I practised my super macro, I took this photo because the back ground was blurred and you can see the dots in the flowers.

Who can spot the face in the octopus tree?

At this time I am sure that Findlay was looking at a Gargeney.

When we where walking along this little feller caught my eye. When I saw this photo I was shocked because it looks like its got tooth brushes on the end of the fluff ball.

I enjoyed my trip to Haydns pool and these steps end my trip and start my journey back home.

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Birds and Blue Bells

I started going in the family's bird hide and the starling kept going back and to. Aventchally I got a photo but I never thought I would get a photo like this. I was not trying to get a photo like that because the starling kept jabbing its beak mega fast. I got two like this but the meal worm in the other one was blurred.

Me and Findlay where very exsited because we got to go to the feeding station. On the track there was a field of potatoes. I really like the lines in the field.

On this one the blue bell looks like a chair in the grass but a very small one. If you sat on it, it would not be a good idea. 

The collared dove was making its mind up if it should go on the tray or not.

I hope you liked the photos.

Saturday, 4 May 2013

.The Journey Begins

 The journey begins with a interesting track.The end of the track dips down at the bottom of the track.

I took this picture because its got two fence posts and a wired metal with a green back ground with a small tree. At the front near the fence is reed, that's why I liked it. Also on that field they do model airplane flying.

On this photo its got mallards in with reeds like a picture frame, you can see about half of it.

When we were driving on this bit of track a rabbit made me jump.  Of course we had to pull up. I was practising my field craft, but if it is on a track I call it track craft.The rabbit kept running back and to, eventually it did go.But I did get a photo of the rabbit obviously  Most of them were blurred but this one was okay.

I know what macro is, but today I have leaned what super macro is.This photo was taken using super macro.

Friday, 3 May 2013

The Kestrel Comes

I set off to Frodsam Marshes and we were about half way there and I saw a stable fence post and a lovely blue sky.

When I saw this Kestrel I was to excited, so the first time it was blurred and this one is okay.

I hope you enjoyed my first blog post.