Saturday, 29 June 2013

Grandma's Chickens

I was taking photos of Grandma's hens and I think this one was trying to lay a egg, but Grandma put the hen on top of the run so me and Findlay could take a photo (and Grandma wanted to be in it to). I got down on my knees to get this photo and on this photo the hen looks very grumpy and a bit evil, but Grandma doesn't. This hen is called Windy she looks a little bit like a pheasent. 

When I said ''The hen looks evil.'' I meant if you look in the eye that looks evil. Anyway it had enough on the shed and jumped off and joined the other hens. I got a photo of the hen jumping off but it was bit blurred. I can not remember if it layed an egg, but for breakfast I had an omlette, lets hope there was not a chick in there. Yuk. The omlette tasted nice though. I like the photo because Grandma is peeping behind the hen.

I was practising my hen photos and doing it in different angles and I wanted to get the silly hens in a bunch with their bums in the air and them looking up, also them eating grass I wonder whet that tastes like. 

My grandma said that will be a good photo if you get the hen in all the grass and guess what, it was a good photo even if I say so my self.

 We were driving along a track and I wanted to stop because I spotted a bunch of poppys, like the hens were in a bunch to.

Saturday, 22 June 2013

A Spooky Marsh

 When we were driving through Frodsham Marsh today, we saw lots of spooky cobwebs and we were surrounded by it. Its all over the place. It is made by the Spindle Ermine Moth caterpillars.

Here  is a wall of cob webs.

 I was getting out of the car, but I was trapped by over grown grass and nettles so I had to squeeze through. We looked out on the 6 tank because we were doing the WeBS count. Then it got so windy that I got in the car, I had to get in the other side. When I got out I wondered if the wind would come back and yes, it did. Anyway gess what this caterpillar was on metal the wing mirror. The caterpillar has orange and black spots. It looks like its on a road I think.  

Dose anyone know what this bug is because I think its a blue bottle. You can see all the lines in the wing. How I spotted it, I was just walking along and it caught my eye.

Again this time I have not a clue but the funny thing was a caterpillar crawled into the shot as well. Can you see it?

 On here I just wanted to get the flowers and one was about to come out.

TONGUES. Near a bend on a path I saw a hedge with a long green tongue sticking out. If you had a tongue that big, I think you will have to go to the doctor and then come back.

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Feed Me Noooowwwww !

We normally get Starlings in are garden and we are now seeing the juveniles. I tried to get the tripod set up and got the sun as far behind me as I could. This is a photo of a juvenile asking for dinner.

 Also the starling is hunting and the juvenile is sitting, waiting for its food. Feed mmmmmmeeeee !

I dont mind if its black and white, I think its better. He is getting fed but the one behind wants to be fed as well.

I call this a two bodied bird.

The juvenile is getting taught how to hunt to get a gooey worm.

I zoomed out so I could get the family.

Here are the brothers like me and Findlay.

Wednesday, 5 June 2013


 I was at grandma's and there were lots of different stones so I've decided to do a stone blog. Now in this photo, I did not know I got a SHARK stone. There was a bird near it so I cropped the picture and I draged the photo so it had the shark stone, the bird and the bottom stones, but the hill kept getting in the way, so I cut that out. I could see all the types of birds because this very, very kind man called ken lifted me up so I could have a look through his teleskop and I met Kathy. It was very nice meeting them. Thank you very much Ken.

As I said this is about stones on this one its a bonus because you've got a stone house, a stone wall and rocks and look at the sky and the sea they are like the same. 

We went to Anglesey and there were lots of stones so I took a photo of them. They were smooth and shiny.

We were at South Stack and the stone steps were all twisty.

Lots of stone things.

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Prince William

When we were at South Stack this helicopter came swooping past and you can see the wheels. Look at the people in there, luckily no one dround, they were just practising.

The bits that make it fly are making a mist be blowing the water up in the air.

We were in North Wales so there could be a chance that it is Prince William flying the helicopter and look at the silly legs flopping about.

I am going to explain how the waves are crashing in the picture below. The wind is blowing it one way from out to sea and then another wind is blowing another way round the lighthouse rock at South Stack. The wind blowing two different ways makes these waves crash together.