Saturday, 29 June 2013

Grandma's Chickens

I was taking photos of Grandma's hens and I think this one was trying to lay a egg, but Grandma put the hen on top of the run so me and Findlay could take a photo (and Grandma wanted to be in it to). I got down on my knees to get this photo and on this photo the hen looks very grumpy and a bit evil, but Grandma doesn't. This hen is called Windy she looks a little bit like a pheasent. 

When I said ''The hen looks evil.'' I meant if you look in the eye that looks evil. Anyway it had enough on the shed and jumped off and joined the other hens. I got a photo of the hen jumping off but it was bit blurred. I can not remember if it layed an egg, but for breakfast I had an omlette, lets hope there was not a chick in there. Yuk. The omlette tasted nice though. I like the photo because Grandma is peeping behind the hen.

I was practising my hen photos and doing it in different angles and I wanted to get the silly hens in a bunch with their bums in the air and them looking up, also them eating grass I wonder whet that tastes like. 

My grandma said that will be a good photo if you get the hen in all the grass and guess what, it was a good photo even if I say so my self.

 We were driving along a track and I wanted to stop because I spotted a bunch of poppys, like the hens were in a bunch to.


  1. Love the cute chickens and the pretty poppies! Have a happy weekend!

  2. You got great pictures there Harley. I bet your Grandma would like a copy of that first one.

  3. Great shots of the chickens Harley, they look very happy foraging in that long grass. I bet the eggs taste nice too!...[;o)

  4. The first one does look like a grumpy pheasant:)