Thursday, 11 July 2013

Monster Moths

First we built a moth trap. I was going to blow up it was that amazing, and then we put it behinded the tree  and waited until it was the next morning and my expert Findlay and my dad got up near the time 5.00.  Soon I got up and said " Are you doing it all ready " The moths were in the pots, big / small. We set up a place where we would put the moths for photographs and for the dark ones we put them on a light coloured log. I like the colour of the moths and a lot look really furry like a furry bear.

Elefant Hawk Moth.

Then we went to get the next moth a...

Garden Tiger Moth 

This next one looks like it was around in the dinosour time and the face looks like a cat fish, even the wings looks like a dragon. Does the moth have a curved tail for a reason, do you now why?

Poplar Hawk Moth.  

 This moth looks like a twig.
Buff Tip 

I really enjoyed having a go with the moth trap.


  1. Great images and like I said on your brothers post the Buff Tip moth is brilliant.

  2. That's a scary selection of monsters you've caught there Harley.
    I'm glad you and the family enjoyed your first moth trapping experience!...[;o)