Wednesday, 5 June 2013


 I was at grandma's and there were lots of different stones so I've decided to do a stone blog. Now in this photo, I did not know I got a SHARK stone. There was a bird near it so I cropped the picture and I draged the photo so it had the shark stone, the bird and the bottom stones, but the hill kept getting in the way, so I cut that out. I could see all the types of birds because this very, very kind man called ken lifted me up so I could have a look through his teleskop and I met Kathy. It was very nice meeting them. Thank you very much Ken.

As I said this is about stones on this one its a bonus because you've got a stone house, a stone wall and rocks and look at the sky and the sea they are like the same. 

We went to Anglesey and there were lots of stones so I took a photo of them. They were smooth and shiny.

We were at South Stack and the stone steps were all twisty.

Lots of stone things.


  1. Great subject for a blog Harley, we're surrounded by stones and how often do we take notice of them?

    Excellent, well 'seen' images.

    I hope you didn't get too close to that 'shark' stone?...[;o)

  2. I love that shark stone; well spotted.
    I bet that stone house looked good in its early years. A shame it has been left to crumble.