Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Slippery Snails

As we where driving along we heard a bird so we asked the expert Findlay and he said it was a sedge warbler. I thought the pictures where going to be blurred because it was quite far away. I think its a good photo because its got a line of white below its dark eye also its got a bit of a sharp beak. I wanted to get a aphoto of this bird but how I did it I slowly opened my door and I did not want to shut the door loud because it wood make a bit of a bang and it wood make it fly away.

  The same with this one all the details of the bird and if you look at the beak, it's open and it means its singing.

I looked in the field and was scanning for nature and I thought this was a bird, but it was a plastic bag, so I called it a bag bird. I wonder how half of the field has grass on and the other side is ploughed, I think there's a fence between the two fields.

We were just getting out of the car and I did not really want to because it was raining, but then I had to get out because I saw a helecopter and it was very low. 

I tried to get a photo of a slippery snail but I could not because I got stung by a nettle, so my dad had to take it. I'm sure it came out when it was raining I think it was trying to be a hot-air-balloon. There was not a point going up because at the top of the photo the stick ended.

As I got closer to this blackbird I saw the bright yellow circle round his eye which matched his beak.


  1. Great post Harley. You did well to get the shots of the Sedge Warbler. As for the plastic bag bird you're not alone...we've all been there and done that!...[;o)

  2. Another great set of pictures Harley.
    You did well with the Sedge Warbler, they're not easy to get pictures of.
    Like Trevor, I've watched a white bird in a tree for ages, only to discover it was supermarket plastic carrier bag. lol

  3. I love the shells on them snails,beautiful. Great images and post, sadly Trevor is right, we've all mistaken a plastic bag for a bird, me, I thought one was a Barn Owl once lol