Friday, 24 May 2013

Pets in the Park & a Chiiiiccccckkks

 We did throw some bird food out for the ducks and some came to say hello. This cheeky mallard came to eat the food. It was funny because it ate very quickly and it was like it was chomping, but it was not. They where going mad , they where running all over the place and making a noise like CKWAK, CWAK. Suddenly a load more came and then it was a racket. I like this photo because you can see the head paten and it's bright yellow beak. I never thought it would come out like this because look at the beak and then look at the water. In the water you my not know what it is........its  BUBBLES, the stripes in the water. 

You may think this is a normal tree, but it is the reflection which is interesting, because you can see all the clouds and the tree of cause, but the tree is all wobbly.

When we where looking at the ducks, a great crested grebe came from far away. I did get a photo of cause. I just like the water how its moving along and on the bird the orangey red. I think there's a little tuft on its head and if its got like a tuft I call it a bird hair stile and this one has got cool spikes. Also you can see a white throat and the water is fuzzy and on the fuzzy water can you see the green and that's reflection.


I was walking along and I said these steps are going on my blog, but the bad thing was the sun was all over the place so I got into the position and I got a photo of the stairs. I got one which had stairs at the bottom and at the top but the light was bad. This one was okay though.

I asked the pet person if I could get a photo of the tortoise and I did it on super macro.

who can guess what these chicks are?

The answer is Great Tits.


  1. Great stuff Harley.
    I like the tortoise and the steps.
    Are the chicks Blue Tits?

  2. Super post Harley, love that reflected tree and the steps...great images. I know exactly what those chicks are....HUNGRY!!...[;o)

  3. Great post and photos, Harley! The tortoise is cool. I love the baby birds, could they be swallows? Have a happy weekend!

  4. Oh I like the above swallow guess, I'm going with that too. As for that tortoise, we have a terrapin at our local reservoir and one on our nature reserve too, they were dumped there by people

  5. A wonderful post Harley... lovely images.