Thursday, 9 May 2013

Birds and Blue Bells

I started going in the family's bird hide and the starling kept going back and to. Aventchally I got a photo but I never thought I would get a photo like this. I was not trying to get a photo like that because the starling kept jabbing its beak mega fast. I got two like this but the meal worm in the other one was blurred.

Me and Findlay where very exsited because we got to go to the feeding station. On the track there was a field of potatoes. I really like the lines in the field.

On this one the blue bell looks like a chair in the grass but a very small one. If you sat on it, it would not be a good idea. 

The collared dove was making its mind up if it should go on the tray or not.

I hope you liked the photos.


  1. You're developing a real eye for photography Harley, great images. Try this, it's called "15 minute challenge". In 15 minutes you try to photograph as much as possible, it can be of anything that grabs your attention from weird to normal, from beautiful to ugly,the whole point is to get as many images as possible and the to try and make an interesting image from what you've taken, it'll also teach you to look at things differently, though looking at the spud field you got a natural eye for an image. Good Luck

  2. Findlay, these are all excellent shots young man.

    Like Doug says, you really have an eye for a picture.

    Great shot of the Starling shows his 'aggressive' character, as is the Collared Dove, showing its gentler side.
    The lines on the potato field make a very good, simple image; and finally, the Bluebell. Well done for seeing the chair in the picture.

  3. Great post Harley...and super images.

    You're certainly developing a good photographers eye.

    Keep up the good work...[;o)