Saturday, 4 May 2013

.The Journey Begins

 The journey begins with a interesting track.The end of the track dips down at the bottom of the track.

I took this picture because its got two fence posts and a wired metal with a green back ground with a small tree. At the front near the fence is reed, that's why I liked it. Also on that field they do model airplane flying.

On this photo its got mallards in with reeds like a picture frame, you can see about half of it.

When we were driving on this bit of track a rabbit made me jump.  Of course we had to pull up. I was practising my field craft, but if it is on a track I call it track craft.The rabbit kept running back and to, eventually it did go.But I did get a photo of the rabbit obviously  Most of them were blurred but this one was okay.

I know what macro is, but today I have leaned what super macro is.This photo was taken using super macro.


  1. There's two stand out pictures there for me Harley.
    I love the first one of the track. It makes me want to wander down it, to see where it leads to.
    And the last picture of the Gorse is really good.

  2. Super macro is great fun - and your other pics are very nicely composed - well done



  3. Hi Harley, Just like Keith I'd like to take a wander down that track in your first image...looks interesting. Great macro of the Gorse flowers...[;o)

  4. A great start to your blogging Harley, I really liked the Kestrel on a post, the track and the gorse images. I look forward to reading and looking at more images.

  5. came over from findlay's to say hi. nice work! i like your lane and fence photos!

  6. You have a good eye for a picture Harley - I especially like the mallards with the reeds, very nice!

  7. Hi Harley. Found your blog through your brother's. You've made a great start to blogging. I love the way that you've clearly got your own style, and I'm really looking forward to seeing more of your creativity (and humour) from you.

    All the best