Sunday, 26 May 2013

Butterfly Photo Competition

Me and mum went to Frodsham Marsh and we met Bill. We had a chat saying what have you seen. There was a big bush called budlia with lots of butterflies on, so we had a competition to see who could get the best photo. Its getting exciting. So could you please vote for your favourite picture and say why you like that one best.

                                                        Number 1 - Mum's Picture

Number 2 - Bills picture

Number 3 - My Picture

I wanted to get the blue sky, white flowers and the butterfly into my picture.


  1. I think your picture wins hands down Harley.
    It's the sharpest, and the blue sky is a great contrast to the white flower, and mostly red Peacock butterfly.
    A really good picture.

  2. For fear of your mum kicking me I'm voting for hers:) But I do like yours too.

  3. The last is my favorite, I love the colors on the butterfly, the bush and the pretty sky. Well done! Great post!

  4. I'd like to vote for No1, an absolutely fantastic picture. Love from Mum. Oh Okay then, your's is actually better with all that blue sky Harley Farley, I will give you my vote x

  5. Well Harley that Buddleia bush sure lived up to it's common name of Butterfly Bush.

    Now, those photos!...I reckon No.1 is best at showing off the beautiful Peacock Butterfly. No.2 is the best 'arty' shot and No.3 is the best at showing off the butterfly in it's habitat (shoosh!..don't tell anyone..but it's the best one really!)...[;o)

  6. all great shots but I really like yours best Harley!

  7. Nice composition in the last shot!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.