Sunday, 27 December 2015

River Walk.

I set of with my mum for a nice walk with my camera equipment and straight after we turned the corner it was extremely misty over the fields and I could think of a picture in my head as I looked over the field. So I did try and get the picture I wanted, but it took a couple of goes and eventually I got the picture I was looking for with the farm and the trees in the background. The only thing I don't like about the photo is the telegraph phone wire at the top, but other than that I think it's quite good.  

We walked down the track to the river and it was surrounded with mist just like I was. I didn't think I could get an as good a photo as this because the mist was very thick, but as soon as I pressed the button to take the picture, the sun shone through the mist and made me get an alright photo. It doesn't look like the sun shone though, but it did.

Moving on along about 20m and there were two stunning Wood Duck swimming like they do, so I got some food out to tempt them over and it worked. They came over so I got my camera ready on the correct setting and looked through the eye-piece and waited for it to get into the right angle to get the shot. I focussed the camera and as simple as that I took the shot. To be honest it turned out quite good with it's brightly coloured body. My favourite thing about this photo is the head because it's got a range of different colours. I don't think there's any thing I dislike about this photo.   

On this photo I was almost at the locks, but still it was so misty this photo doesn't look very good, but I like it. It looks like the Canada Goose at the front is the boss (captain) of the group and then the other 5 behind the one in front can be servants that get the boss it's food. 

Lastly but not least there was a brilliant Great-Crested-Grebe to finish the day off. For me they're the most annoying bird when trying to take a photo because they keep diving underwater when you try to get a photo. So all I get is a photo of water. I think to myself this is going to be an amazing photo when I realise I have actually missed the bird I'm trying to get a photo of.

A really great walk.


  1. I love misty mornings for pictures Harley, and you got some good ones.
    Lovely shot of the Wood Duck; a real beauty.

  2. Great shot of the wood duck not sure why but it makes me chuckle. I like the image of the mist on the water. You can see the sun lighting the mist as you took the image it's created a lovely reflection and glow off the river surface.

  3. Good pictures! Beautiful Wood duck !

  4. love the colorful wood duck. And the canadian geese looks great in the mist :)

  5. Great set of pictures - always important to know what you want your pictures to look like before you press the shutter button.

    Say hi to all of the family for me!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne