Monday, 28 December 2015

Going To My Grandma's

Today I woke up at 7:25 and a while later left the house with my brother, mum, dad for an exciting journey (well not that much of an exciting journey) to my grandma's house with all the land she owns. I was going over to North Wales to film some of the birds she gets and take some pictures of landscapes and things like that, but I was also there to catch up with things that happened over Christmas and all family things basically.

In this photo I was in the middle of trying to video any birds or rats (any wildlife) that came down to feed on the specially made selection box of seeds, but the problem was my grandma's ANNOYING chickens! They kept going over and pecking on the selection box I made.  Chickens do get on my nerves sometimes, but they can be very nice at times. 

I eventually gave up on filming the birds (more like filming the chickens) and decided to take some pictures and waited for a while standing with two aching legs, but eventually a nice bird came down to say hello. It was a coal tit. I was really happy that he came down after our agreement, because I specially talked to him on the phone about if he could come down so I could take some pictures of him perching on some different branches.  But after one photo he got a bit angry at me because I was bossing him to much on what to do and how to pose, so the bird just flew away after one photo. I still think the way he/she is sat looks really well positioned, what do you think? 

Moving on from the Coal Tit we go over to the Blue Tit. I think the Coal Tit is nicer than the Blue Tit because you I don't see them much around where I live, where as the Blue Tit is still very nice but I see them all the time. That's around where I live of course.  

Now from a Blue Tit to a Chaffinch, the last bird on this blog. I chose this bird to be the last of the bird photo for today because I wanted to have a rest and I had about 5mins to pack up my things before I had to head back to my house, so I looked around for a quick bird picture and I chose this one. I tried to get it with something in it's mouth but it never worked. At least I got an okay photo though. 

I then started walking back to the house and saw a brilliant photo opportunity. So you know what I did, I got my camera out and simple as that I took the photo and got a lovely river, hillside and trees . The water fall running down the hill was caused by all the recent heavy rain.

Hope you all had a great day.

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