Monday, 26 May 2014

A Trip To Burton Mere

 When I arrived at RSPB Burton Mere I spotted lots of cows in a field, and they seemed quite happy to have their photo taken. I'm not sure if this cow knows it has grass hanging down from it's mouth. All of these photos are taken from this walk, I hope you enjoy them. 

 Little Owl

 Great Crested Grebe

 Grey Squirrel

 Black Headed Gull

Nesting Black Headed Gulls

ID help please

 Pied Wagtail fledgling

Wall Brown



  1. A brilliant selection Harley.
    The Little Owl has come out better than mine, and the Pied Wagtail shot is a cracker.
    The caterpillar is a Garden Tiger moth caterpillar.

    A great day, and good to catch up and see you all again.

  2. Great set of images from your day out Harley.
    Now, come on, surely you must have heard of that special breed of cow called the Green-bearded Cow?'s where the green milk come from!!...[;o)

  3. Great to see your blog again Harley. I love the hairy caterpillar.look forward to seeing plenty more.