Sunday, 20 April 2014


Our feeding station is a blue bell wood and the wood is full of these little fellas. Near the entrance there are fully grown blue bell's.  

In this photo I tilted my camera and zoomed in a bit more than the other photo and I think it looks a bit better because you can really make out the bell's on the blue bell. Before I took this photo I had to move some grass because it was in the way of the blue bell. In the background there are some more blue bell's but there was not much near the entrance where I took this photo. 

As I said earlier I had to move some grass it was because it was to long and if it was short I wouldn't move it. Next time I come to the feeding station I am going to watch and see what creatures like the plant. Also we put up nest boxes and got some very very interesting things.   


  1. Great shots of the Bluebells Harley, and there's no harm in doing a little careful 'gardening' to improve the shots...[;o)

  2. That second picture is a beauty Harley.

  3. Lovely bluebells Harley. Soon Grandpa's 8 acres of bluebell wood will be in full bloom. A wonderful sight. we will take photo's as you may not see it. Let's hope the common lizards put in an appearance when you are here. Badgers still calling for their supper.