Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Walking Near Home - Pylons, Windows and Reflections

You might think this looks familiar in this photo but you might also think it looks weird, it is part of a pylon.  

As I walked along a bit further I found a arch way of two trees. I called it a arch way because there is cohesion with the trees. We learnt the word cohesion in literacy.

I took this photo because the bird looks like a shadow on the water even though it's the real bird.

In this photo a boat came past and it made the water ripple so I quickly got my camera and got a snap.


  1. Wonderful stuff Harley, you've definitely got what it takes to 'see' a photograph. Well done...[;o)

  2. Cohesion; a great word, and a great picture.
    I really like that last one too. In fact, another excellent and varied set Harley.

  3. Really like the last image with the reflection of the clouds and the ripples causing a distortion. The cormorant looks pre-historic. Great images.

  4. Lovely images Harley... you have a good eye for a picture.