Thursday, 15 August 2013

Encouraging The Grown Ups

Grandma's friend Irene opens up her garden for people to look round every Wednesday. Me and my brother Findlay asked Irene if we could have a stand in the garden to talk to the grown ups about moths, butterflies and birds.  We set up the moth trap the night before, so we would have some moths to show everyone.

These people stayed for nearly an one hour and they where very interested in everything we had on the stand. Lots of people came to talk to us and most of them had lots of questions. Some of them went away to eat scones.

 And this is on our stand. Here are the moths we were showing people. The brime stone and the Large emerald were everybodies favourite. On the stand as well we had a butterfly chart showing their actual sizes.

Irene was really kind letting us do it and when Juliano got home, we all watched a Red Kite fly over the garden. I hope all the people like moths a bit more now.


  1. That's great Harley. Very impressed with both of you for showing other people the beauty of nature.

  2. You are a very clever and handy boy and your brother too:-), nice to read your blog and nice to look att your photos! I´m living in Stockholm, Sweden and our daughter and son-in-law live in England so we often visit them there.

  3. I think that's amazing two young lads getting people to come and have a look at moths, it takes a lot of courage, i couldn't do it I'm equally glad people came and had a look I bet they went away impressed. WELL DONE

  4. Well done the both of you, I'm sure that your enthusiasm will have opened some 'older' eyes to the beauty of the nature that surrounds them...[;o)